• Exkursionsgruppe Nicaragua 2015
  • Stadtrundgang Leon
  • UNAN Leon
  • Besteigung des Cerro Negro
  • Cerro Negro – Vulcan Boarding
  • Exkursionsgruppe in Sutiaba
  • Betriebsbesichtigung "Flor de Caña"
  • Verkostung "Flor de Caña"
  • M. Koch und Dr. Elmar Zelaya
  • Zuckerrohrpresse in Cinco Pinos
  • Traditionelle Küche in Cinco Pinos
  • Kaffeeproduktion
  • Dr. Marienschreck in Matagalpa
  • Ecolodge und Organic Farm Selva Negra
  • Tourismusmarketing
  • Exkursionsbus
  • Besuch der Kayser University in San Marcos
  • Reisegruppe vor Vulkan Momotombo
  • Straße nach Granada
  • Bootsfahrt in den Isletas von Granada
  • Fischerei am Nicaraguasee
  • Nationalpark Vulcan Masaya
  • Nationalpark Vulcan Masaya
  • Nationalpalast in Managua
  • Managua und Lago Xolotlán
  • Exkursionsleiter Prof.Dr.Suida
  • Demonstration der FSLN

Excursion Nicaragua 2015

The field trip Nicaragua 2015 is realized by Prof. Dr. Hermann Suida within the time periode from 1st until 13th of February 2015.

Students had to work on different topics. After the excursion had finished, a teaching concept for the choosen topic had to be written.

The Program in detail: 6 days Leon and surrounding area, 3 days mountains of Matagalpa, 4 days Lake Nicaragua in Granada and one day in Managua.

Please click at the map to follow our route in detail!


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