Introductory field trips

"Poverty and Being Rich" in Salzburg - November 2016

This two day exkursion focused on instituions that help poor people and some aspects of rich people in the city of Salzburg.  

“Migration and Integration in Salzburg“ – October 14/20, 2015

The introductory field trip on Migration and Integration in the City Salzburg took place on October 14 and 20, 2015. Important aspects were "What is the situation of migrants in Salzburg, which agency supports migrants and helps them to integrate into the community? How is it possible to realize integration?"

We visited Österreichische Integrationsfonds, Integrationsbüro der Stadt Salzburg, Caritas Flüchtlingshaus Mülln, Kinder- und Jugendanwaltschaft and Phurdo Verein für Sinti und Roma.

“Poverty in Salzburg“ – March 5/6 2015

During this excursion, we visited institutions which tackle the topic of poor people in Salzburg. The aim of the excursion was to give the students a social geographical approach to a local phenomenon (poverty). Beside this, students should get in contact with organisations where they possibly can do an internship.
This excursion should show how diverse poverty in Salzburg can be: “begging migration”, people selling newspapers, refugees, lonely elderly people or persons with an addiction. Which reasons poverty can have and which possibilities of support people can get, were discussed in the Zentrum für Ethik und Armutsforschung, dweller centre of Itzling-Elisabeth Vorstadt, the street newspaper “Apropos”, the CARITAS, the city council of Salzburg and the association PHURDO-Zentrum für Roma Sinti.

"I want to thank every participant and the speakers." Tibor Aßheuer


"Living Environments within the City of Salzburg"

This two-day excursion introduces the geography students to areas of the city beyond the established and well-known touristic paths. We take a look at the variety of neighbourhoods, to see how they differ visibly. How do the building structures, residential constructions, traffic infrastructure but also unbuilt urban spaces effect the urban way of life? From this visual observation, what conclusions can we draw regarding the composition of the residents and their current daily life in the districts? During this excursion, we have a look at recent city development projects, come to talk to professionals working within the neighbourhoods and learn about future perspectives and development difficulties of specific districts within the overall urban development approach.


"Excursions cities, population, regions" 

The creation of living space in Salzburg and Hallein

On July 10, 2017 the Diakonie Flüchtlingsdienst INTO, Prisma, Hilfwerk and Salzburger Institut für Raumordnung und Wohnen (SIR) gave us a good idea on how living is created and what challenges people in Salzburg face. On July 11 we visited the Burgfried-Siedlung in the city of Hallein.

Eisenerz in Styria

In May 2014 a two-day excursion led us to the municipality Eisenerz in Styria. The aim was to learn more about the socio-spatial consequences of demographic and economic changes within that city and its surrounding. We came to talk with local experts, learned about the consequences of a high vacancy rate within the city and its nearby former workers' settlement. Possible solutions in dealing with these development problems in an old industrial area were discussed.

Border town Freilassing

A second field trip led us to the border town Freilassing in Germany. Located not far away from the city of Salzburgs, we discussed some phenomena of social geography within concrete examples on site. We came to talk with professionals from resident services and others. For reasons of comparison, we also had a look at the cities Rosenheim and Munich on the second day of this field trip.

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