• Excursion group 2013
  • Presentation on seaport © M.Koch
  • Housing Area at Royal Seaport © M.Koch
  • Social Infrastructure in Hammarby Sjöstads © M.Koch
  • Living environment in Vällingby centre © M.Koch
  • Street scene Södermalm © M.Koch
  • Public space at Arsta © M.Koch
  • Waterfront Hammarby © M.Koch
  • New housing development © M.Koch
  • Stockholm © M.Koch
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  • Ferry ride © M.Koch
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  • Welcome to Finland © M.Koch
  • Helsinki © M.Koch
  • Mervi Hiltunen and Excursion Group © M.Koch
  • Aalto University in Espoo © M.Koch
  • Tapiola Garden City in Espoo © M.Koch
  • Helsinki railway station © M.Koch
  • Rautatientori © M.Koch
  • Visit at MDI Helsinki; Janne Antikainen © M.Koch
  • City guide in Helsinki © M.Koch
  • Esplanade © M.Koch
  • Helsinki city life © M.Koch
  • Excursion group in Sanoma house © M.Koch
  • Kansalaistori © M.Koch
  • Helsinki Music Centre © M.Koch
  • Construction site Ruoholahti © M.Koch
  • Ruoholahti New Maritim Area © M.Koch
  • Ruoholahti New Maritim Area © M.Koch
  • Excursion group at Ruoholahti © M.Koch
  • Finlandia Hall © M.Koch
  • The Finish Nature Center Haltia © M.Koch
  • Nuuksio National Park © M.Koch
  • Visit at the association DODO © M.Koch
  • Urban gardening project © M.Koch
  • Visit to the Viikki project © M.Koch
  • Excursion group at Helsinki University © M.Koch
  • Suvilahti in Kalasatama district © M.Koch
  • Suvilahti in Kalasatama district © M.Koch

Excursion Stockholm-Helsinki 2013

The geographical excursion "Stockholm-Helsinki" of the research group Social Geography of the department of geography & geology at the University of Salzburg was taking place for 8 days in autumn 2013. From a socialgeographical point of view, citygeographical and cityecological topics were considered as well as aspects of economic and regional development on different scale levels, from the city quarter to the metropolitan area, and embedded into global contexts.

A holistic perspective of socialgeographic phenomena was facilitated through the transfer of acquired theories on locally observable phenomena. Furthermore, practical analysis of current relevant socialgeoraphic questions was enforced, which could be answered together with local experts. It was the aim to solve little daily exercises during the course of the excursion that enabled the reproduction of newly acquired knowledge.

The reader of the excursion on several relevant topics is available for download here. It was made by the participants to prepare before the excursion itself and shows different approaches to socialgeographical issues in Stockholm and Helsinki.

Additionally, a photo contest has been conducted, to present the subject related content of the excursion in an illustrative manner.

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