The Netherlands 2016

Central issues of the 2016th fieldtrip to the Netherlands will deal with manifold questions of social & urban geography. We plan to have a look at different aspects of housing & neighbourhood, migration & integration, segregation, urban culture, supply services and mobility. Additionally, will widen our perspective and try to raise questions on reclamation of new land, coastal protection, climate change and agriculture developments.

This coures aimes to have look at and gain some deeper knowledge on urban phenomena from an socialgeographic perspective. To answer our questions and verify our assumptions on the developments of spatial structures and processes in urban environments we will work theory-based and with empirical findings on site.

Our students will conduct some smaller projects in cooperative working groups on the following subjects:

1. Spatial planning and utilization of space
2. Migration and integration 
3. Segregation and gentrification
4. Smart city and ICT
5. Collaborative housing
6. Social movements in the city & political cultures in the Netherlands. 

Exkursion route: Amsterdam (5 days), Den Haag (3 days), s’Hertogenbosch (3 days), Flughafen Amsterdam Schiphol (1 day).

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