Announcement: New book chapter by Andreas Koch

A new publication by Andreas Koch has recently been released as a book chapter entitled: 

"Generating Reality with Geosimulation Models: An Agent-Based Social-Spatial Network Modelling Perspective" .

The book's title is "Spatial Analysis, Modelling and Planning" and published by IntechOpen publisher.

The publication is open access and available here

Theories and debates in geography

“Who makes city? Participation and expertise as (alleged) opposites of urban politics.”

Dr. Anne Vogelpohl (Hamburg)

Anne Vogelpohl is a renowned urban geographer and sociologist. She deals with the flexibilization of work and everyday life, housing and urban policy, neighborhood development and the theories of Henri Lefebvre. In her talk, she reports from a recently completed DFG research project in which she examined the role of private business consulting in urban policy-making.

  • Wed. 14.11. 2018, 18:00 – 20:00
  • Lecturehall 436

Further lectures in the context of this series of events:

11.21. Prof. Dr. Samuel Mössner (Münster): "Green City? Urban sustainability transformations from the perspective of the region "

 28.11. Dr. Felix Silomon-Pflug (Frankfurt am Main)

All interested are warmly invited!


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