Geographers are able to detect and interpret spatial phenomena, structures, processes, functions and their evolution. Durcing the studies of geography, the research group social geography is organizing excursions to train the observation of geographical aspects of space and place, to practice the description and explanation of spatial phenomena and structures and to learn how to recognice spatial relationships. Excursions provide the possibility to link knowledge from a theoretical point of view with practical experiences from selected segments of space.

Here you can find information on a selection of recent excursions organized by the research group social geography:

2017   Leipzig and Berlin

2016   The Netherlands

2015   Estonia

2015   Nicaragua

2014   Northern Sweden and Finland

2013   Scandinavia

2012   Öresund

2010   Malta

Introductory field trips

As part of the Excursion Scandinavia,  a photo competition among the students took place on specific social geographic topics. The aim was to strenghten students' capacity to recognize socio-spatial features and elaborate them with short statements.
You can find the winners, as well as other excellent work, here: Photo Competition



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